March is the time of year we start getting questions as planting season approaches.  The most common questions are:

  • How thick should I plant the new bio-tech seeds?
  • How early should I plant?
  • Do I need stronger emergence for my soil type?
  • Should I use a seed-applied insecticide?
  • Should I use fungicide?
  • Which technology trait do I need for each farm?

At Latham, we’ve geared up our agronomy testing to help answer these questions. This season we will be conducting new yield trials that should provide some compelling data. These trials will help provide guidance on:

  • Optimum corn populations
  • Fungicides for early planted corn
  • Twin row vs. conventional row spacing
  • Seed applied nematicides for corn
  • Corn hybrid yield performance for different soil types

There is no shortage of questions when it comes to producing higher yields. The best approach is to work with a knowledgeable seed representative that can help you learn more about the products.  In turn, you will have a positive and more productive experience with your Latham® brand seed.

Do you have a question that comes to mind as planting season approaches?  Want some advice from a Latham Seed2Soil® specialist?  Share it with us in the comment box below!