China Approves Enlist™ Corn Trait

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Dow AgroSciences on June 14 announced that corn stacked with the Enlist™ trait had been approved for import into China. This clears the road for U.S. farmers to plant hybrids with the Enlist trait in 2018. It’s especially good news for Latham® dealers and customers because they’ll soon have another tool to fight herbicide-resistant weeds!

The enlist system is based on tolerance to Dow AgroSciences’ new formulation of 2,4-D with Colex-D® technology. The herbicide used is called Enlist Duo®, which is a premix of this new 2,4-D compound and glyphosate. Enlist Duo herbicide may be sprayed on PowerCore® Enlist hybrids and also Enlist soybeans once that trait has been approved. PowerCore hybrids will contain the Enlist herbicide tolerance trait, as well as a VT Double PRO® and Herculex® 1 stack. These hybrids are poised to provide the best above ground control on the market!

Latham Corn Team members have been anticipating the approval of Enlist corn for several years and have identified several hybrids that can be added to our lineup under the PowerCore designation. We’re excited about adding this trait to hybrids with proven genetics, like LH 5402 RR and LH 5742 RR. We also plan to bring in new hybrids to complement our existing products.

When Enlist Duo is used with Colex-D, it minimizes drift and has almost zero volatility. This has already been proven by U.S. cotton farmers, who have been able to grow the PhytoGen® brand of Enlist cotton since it was launched in 2016. A select group of Upper Midwest corn farmers also have tested the Enlist system on carefully controlled, stewarded acres during the past couple years. In addition, the Latham Corn Team has tested Enlist hybrids in other regulated fields.

We’re optimistic that the approval of Enlist corn by China will soon lead to the approval of Enlist soybeans. As part of a trade deal with the United States, China has pledged to speed up its review of eight biotech products (including Enlist soybeans) that are pending approval. More information about PowerCore and Enlist hybrids, as well as Enlist soybeans, will be shared during our Seed-2-Soil® Technology Tour this fall. Make plans to join us in a field near you!