Agvocate through Candid Photos, Create Treasured Memories

5Connecting with your audience on an emotional level can lead to an informative conversation that bridges the gap between producers and consumers. Photographing an everyday moment on your farm and sharing your personal experiences helps non-farmers find common ground with you.

Under the social media handle of “Rowe Kids and Cows,” Corinne Rowe of Dallas Center, Iowa shares her family’s farming story through the eyes of a mother. Follow her efforts on social media, and it will quickly become obvious that everyone in her family plays a specific role. Corinne’s husband, Justin, is the farmer that runs everything. Their 6-year-old little boy, Charlie, assumes the role of “Little Farmer.” Their 3-year-old daughter, Anna, transitions from the pretty princess to the little farm girl.

Corinne has a knack for giving us a glimpse of farm life while communicating the importance of family time. We see what her family values: spending quality time together and taking care of their livestock. At the same time, she’s capturing everyday moments that are sure to become treasured memories.

I’ve included some of my favorite posts from the Rowe’s Kids & Cows Instagram page to help inspire you to share your story!





To see more of their story, find them on Instagram at @Row_Kids_and_Cows and Twitter at @RoweKidsandCows.