Your Freedom of Choice Shouldn’t Trump Mine!

LarrypigfarmerI’m not going to be politically correct because an attack on American’s freedom of choice is increasingly bothering me.

I always trying to understand all sides of any issue. I read all that I can get my hands on: newspapers, magazines, Facebook, blogs… But I learned a long time ago that if I read enough information, I can defend either side.

It’s no wonder today’s consumers are confused as to what to eat. Media reports are filled with mixed messages: Good fat. Bad fat. Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. Eat more beef. Reduce your red meat intake.

Big farmers. Little farmers. (Why can’t we just focus on a farm’s performance, not its size?) Organic. Conventional. (Why should we need raise food like our grandparents did when technology has transformed everyone’s lives?!)

There are many ways to raise food. There are many ways to prepare and eat food. Choices are fantastic… until someone tries to take your choice away!


Farmers Wifee Image

We need choices. And in our vast country, we have choices! We don’t need Dr. Oz and the Food Babe scaring people about their food. We need parents to feel good about the food they’re choosing for their families. Seriously. Stop the food fights.

There is a huge amount of oversight keeping our food safe. We don’t need expensive regulation, just common sense. Let common sense prevail… Eat sensibly and work off what you consume.

Let’s keep our freedom of choice – and our abundance of food!