Check the Facts, then Check the Box

Participate in our Country’s Future by Voting

On this Election Day, I’ve been reading nasty remarks about politicians. These comments group all politicians together, which made me think about discrimination. With some of our candidates, I know that’s easy to do!

Then I read a Facebook post from one of my friends, who took exception. She was an elected official for eight years at the local level. Carol made some very good points about why she ran for office. She ran because she wanted to make a positive difference for her neighbors. On the local level, a person doesn’t seek public office for money or fame.

I’m friends with many people who either are or were elected officials. They’re nice, hardworking, giving people, who truly want to make a difference. Think about this for a moment… local officials can’t run into the grocery store, enjoy a meal out or watch their grandkids play spots without someone picking a bone with them. It makes me wonder why anyone would run for office!

Truthfully, there isn’t a perfect candidate. Some are saying that we must settle for the lessor of two evils in this presidential election, but I don’t see it that way. We should elect the person who most closely fits with our personal agendas. Yes, even I have an agenda!

There are many issues – mostly social issues – that I will not bend on. If I don’t vote, or if I vote for someone with no chance of winning, what is the result? If I vote for the person whose opinions are closer to mine, it still doesn’t guarantee that my agenda will get any further down the road but maybe, just maybe, it will.

Last week I joined a discussion underway on a friend’s Facebook page about the oil pipeline coming out of the Dakotas. One friend asked how this pipeline could be built when it’s causing so much damage to Indian grounds and the environment. I responded that not all information being pushed by mainstream media was accurate and suggested the facts be checked.

In no uncertain terms, other people jumped into the conversation. They either assumed or incorrectly thought I was against the protest. I would’ve liked to make the point that every American citizens has the right to freely protest. I even think it’s a duty! But I take exception to the way some folks are allowed to protest and destroy property, while others have been killed by simply driving to a town hall meeting!

The people who started joining in the “discussion” on Facebook weren’t interested in checking the facts. They were emotionally charged, and I felt like they weren’t interested in listening to my points. The mainstream media is NOT always correct! Because this post was made on the page of a friend who is very dear to me, and she was feeling uncomfortable by the comments being made, I walked away from the discussion.

The point I was trying to make then – and again today – is that elected officials should not have all the power. As citizens we need to keep that for ourselves! America won’t remain “We the People” without representation. It’s our duty to vote.

By not participating in this election, you make a decision – just not the one you should! No matter who gets elected, we can still carry on and make a difference. Participate in the future of this country. Your kid’s and your grandkid’s future depends on you!