Experience a Great Day at New Day Dairy!

Photo May 19, 4 31 02 PMWhat brings a smile to your face? Perhaps it’s the sweet taste and smooth texture of ice cream on a hot summer day. Maybe you’re amused by the boundless energy of baby animals or the cute things small children say. If you find yourself smiling while you’re reading, you’ll want to visit New Day Dairy! The good news is… we can help you get there.

New Day Dairy near Clarksville, Iowa, will be one of the fabulous farm stops during Expedition Farm Country, Aug. 25-26, 2016. This two-day tour of North Iowa will include a drone demonstration on Aug. 25 at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, an overnight at the Historic Park Inn plus a series of farm visits on Aug. 26 including the Niess family farm near Osage.

“Technology in agriculture” is the theme of Expedition Farm Country, and New Day Dairy is state-of-the-art. Lynn Bolin, and her husband Dan, a fifth generation dairy farmer, started their own operation on December 9, 2015, with 110 cows. They’ll introduce you to their farm hand “Rita,” a robotic milker. You’ll also get to meet their two adorable children, Amara, 5, and Vance, 3.

As soon as I parked my car in front of their dairy barn earlier this summer, the Bolin’s daughter walked right over to me. She reached out her arm to shake my hand and said, “I’m Amara (pronounced, A-mar-a). I’m really good at tours.”

Now if seeing a child welcome you to her farm doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will! Both children proudly told me what they know about the cows, and when he got more comfortable in my presence, Vance invited me to play in the sandbox. Just think how much better our world could be if more people played nicely in the sandbox!

Photo May 19, 4 30 16 PMThe Bolin’s intentions are genuine as demonstrated by the way they welcome guests and care for their productive, thriving cows. The mission of New Day Dairy is simple: Develop. Milk. Bless. This family wants every guest to be blessed by a positive experience as they gain a better understanding the connection to the source of their milk.

To help consumers stay connected after they leave the farm, New Day Dairy started a monthly newsletter. Readers can learn how many calves were born that month, which cow is producing the most milk and special activities on the farm.

In the future, the Bolins plan to take the “farm experience” one step farther by opening a European-inspired guesthouse attached to their barn. Their vision is to give individuals the chance to experience a modern working dairy farm.Photo May 19, 4 29 57 PM

See New Day Dairy for yourself on Aug. 26 with a group of consumers interested in learning how food is produced. Expedition Farm Country is being offered through the Iowa Food and Family Project with support from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds. If you’re interested in attending, email lfoss@iasoybeans.com. Simply state why you’d like to embark on the farm tour!

Keep an eye out for more blog posts coming soon about other stops on the farm tour. In the meantime, enjoy a sweet treat from New Day Dairy. This recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal a la Mode, which is the perfect dessert or afternoon snack, comes from the New Day Dairy blog.  Visit the Bolin family’s website or connect with them on Facebook!

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal A La Mode


Prep Time: 05:00

Cook Time: 05:00

Main Ingredients

2 1/2 Cups quick oats

3 1/2 Cups milk

2 apples, chopped

1 1/2 Tsp. cinnamon

1/4 Cup raisins

a few scoops of vanilla ice cream



1Place apples, Quick Oats, and milk into a large microwave safe bowl.

2Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Continue microwaving stirring every 60 seconds until oatmeal has reached desired consistency.

3Stir in cinnamon & raisins.

4Scoop oatmeal into individual bowls & top with desired amount of vanilla ice cream.


Additional Notes

Find more dairy-licious recipes at www.newdaydairy.com.