Lend a Helping Hand this Holiday

by Kilah Hemesath, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Marketing Intern

People in the Midwest are known as some of the most giving individuals. There were many situations during harvest 2015 when a farming community came together to help a neighbor in difficult times. Families and farmers in that situation understand the importance of getting the crops out of the field because that is their lifestyle, too. These same thoughts and actions can be carried out throughout the holiday season.

Here are some ways people in #NorthIowa are giving back this season:12239726_868885586560164_8727041838813534750_n

My local church hosts a giving tree every holiday season for members to help fulfill. The tree is decorated with gifts tags, which are requests from families throughout Northeast Iowa. Members of my church will purchase the gift listed on the tag, return the gift and it is then delivered to Northeast Iowa Community Action for distribution.

Donating a gift to your local community center is a simple way of giving and can make a young girl’s or boy’s holiday. You never know how much your actions will impact an individual or family, especially during the holiday season when some need it the most. Whether you take part in the giving tree at a local church, donating toys to a shelter or help a relative prepare holiday food, you can make a difference!

“It’s better to give than receive” is a reoccurring phrase in our family. My mom has always served as a positive role model, lending a hand to those in need. She works a full time job and also covers the duties of a FarmHer. She always has a warm meal ready during the busiest time of the year for our family and never hesitates to donate to community organizations.

How you demonstrate giving and show caring can also make a difference in your children’s lives. Just as I looked up to my mom – and still do – your actions make an impression and create a legacy for your children. Even if you don’t have children, giving back can be a gift you gift yourself this season!

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