My “Beef” with Banning “Pork” in Publication to be “PC”

Last week I wrote that “Political correctness is making everyone wimps!” Then yesterday I came across an article with this headline: “Oxford University Press Bans Word ‘Pork’ To Not Offend Muslims.”

Let me get this straight… The world’s top book publisher is banning the word “pork.” Oxford University Press is also reviewing the classics and deleting any references to “pig” and “pork products.”

We certainly wouldn’t want to offend someone who doesn’t eat pork! Right?

I truly don’t understand why Muslim’s preference trumps a Christian’s. Without bringing religion into this conversation (because we know that’s wouldn’t be PC), why can’t we let people exercise their freedom to buy. If they’re offended by children’s books with pictures of pigs, for example, there are certainly several thousand other books from which to choose.

At what point does this PC absurdity stop? Being an old white male who lives in the middle of Iowa, I know that I don’t have the “right” to be offended. My status as “majority” only affords me the ability to offend. There can be no prejudice against me… after all, prejudice and discrimination can only happen to minorities. (Oh my! I have a feeling that wasn’t a PC statement.)

Today’s society seems to have a need to blame everyone for everything that is wrong. We nit-pick about certain laws and regulations. We’ve declared War on Lemonade Stands. Over the weekend, two Texas girls were told by police they had to shut down their lemonade stand because they lacked the proper permit. The girls, ages 7 and 8, were attempting to raise $105 for their Father’s Day gift. All they really wanted to do was earn enough money, so they could take their dad to Splash Kingdom.

Whatever happened to letting kids be kids? Whatever happened to igniting that entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging youngsters to pursue the American dream? Whatever happened to taking pride in hard work and being rewarded for it?

There are several “socially acceptable” situations that made headlines both across the state and our nation over the weekend. Quite frankly, I found each one of them offensive. But I’m supposed to be tolerant and accepting. Why? Why should their freedom of choice trump mine?

I think every American should celebrate the freedom to worship. I think we should celebrate the freedom of expression, even if my thoughts are not your thoughts! Since I can’t solve the world’s problems alone or overnight, I’m just going to have some bacon and celebrate that I still enjoy the freedom of food choice!