Feds Spend Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Battle Mother Nature

Can man really control the weather? Apparently the government thinks so and is willing to spend your money to do it!

Last August I attended a conference on resilient agriculture where I heard a presentation by William Hohenstein, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Climate Change Program Office. One year ago this month, he released a “new” report stating that “climate change is already happening across the United States.”

Apparently that sensational headline didn’t spark enough attention so now the USDA announces it is building a program to respond to climate change. An article in the May 1 edition of the Illinois Farmer Today states: “This [new program] will utilize voluntary, incentive-based conservation, forestry, and energy programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration and expand renewable energy production in the agricultural and forestry sectors.”

Mr. Hohenstein’s job is to ensure every government agency considers climate change before any project is undertaken! He has been given a lot of power, and money seems to be no object. It seems every week I read about another muti-million program from my “favorite government agency,” but apparently the USDA doesn’t have to prove whether the expenditure will lead to the desired results.

When are Americans going to start questioning whether centralized government is the best route? This week I read an article in The Daily Signal entitled, “The Death of the Green Energy Movement,” where author Stephen Moore concludes:

We don’t know if renewables will ever play a significant role in America’s energy mix. But if it does ever happen, it will be a result of market forces, not central planning.

When taxpayer money is thrown at green projects, there is going to be waste. Why are we continuing to throw money into a sink hole as big as “climate change”?

Undoubtedly, weather changes. Weather cycles even repeat themselves… Remember what we learned about the Ice Ages? That climatic change occurred without man’s interference! Throughout history, weather events like meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes have occurred that affect our weather.

Climate change is real, but government bureaucracy is also real. Our Founding Fathers believed in less government control and more free enterprise. The United States, and let me repeat STATES, was built by private business owners coming up with solutions to problems. Private business owners have skin in the game. Let’s let real, true ingenuity from our private business come up with solutions that will work!