Rethink Your Drink as You Keep the Beat

BlogMonday6-23Dairy Days of Summer, which showcase the dairy industry and help promote a better understanding between producers and consumers, are a big deal in Wisconsin. Literally. An estimated 2,000 people attended an event Saturday on Son-Bow Farms near Maiden Rock.

“Dairy breakfasts remain a tradition because they bring dairy farmers and consumers closer together to share appreciation of dairy heritage and the beauty of a Wisconsin dairy farm,” reads a recent article printed by the Red Wing Republican Eagle. “The dairy industry alone contributes $26.5 billion annually to Wisconsin’s economy. While it is understood dairy is important to diet and wellbeing, it is also important to showcase the effort going into producing our favorite food.”

People traveled far and wide to enjoy favorite foods including Dad’s Belgium Waffles topped with fresh, Real® butter and whipped cream plus sausage, milk and fruit. While waiting in line to take a wagon tour of the 1,000-cow dairy, I couldn’t resist the lightly-breaded, deep-fried (to perfection!) cheese curds from Ellsworth Co-op Creamery.

Antique tractors were on display. Other displays, like “Rethink Your Drink” that compared calorie and sugar levels of popular drinks from soda and sports drinks to milk, helped educate attendees about dairy nutrition.

To encourage people to stay healthy, Latham Forage Product Manager Corey Catt and his emergency service colleagues gave demonstrations about Hands Only CPR. Hands-Only CPR, without mouth-to-mouth breaths, is recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse. It consists of two easy steps:

    1. Call 9-1-1 (or send someone to do that).
    2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

When you call 911, the American Heart Association says you need to stay on the phone until the 911 dispatcher (operator) tells you to hang up. The dispatcher will ask for details like your location, which is especially important if you’re calling from a mobile phone that is not associated with a fixed location or address. Remember, answering the dispatcher’s questions will not delay the arrival of help.

Take care of yourself! Eat properly and watch for signs of distress. Proper nutrition is key to making good decisions.

Not drinking enough liquids can alter a person’s mood, decrease his energy level or affect his ability to think clearly. It’s especially easy to get dehydrated during hot, humid days of summer. Drink plenty! Water, dairy products, tea and fruit or vegetable juices can help you stay hydrated.