10 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

SpringBackground2Last week my kids had three Snow Days. Fortunately, the temperatures were warm enough that they could actually go ahead and enjoy the snow. They built a snowman. They made a snow fort in large drifts. They also played King of the Hill with our energetic Black Lab. Plus, they spent quite a bit of time at the local sledding hill.

But what’s a person to do when you wake up to wind chills of 35° below zero?

This week I decided Mother Nature might dictate the weather outside but she wasn’t going to control my mood – at least anymore! Instead of plopping on the couch in front of the television after supper on Monday, I grabbed a bucket of Murphy’s oil soap and scrubbed my kitchen cupboards. The next morning I awoke extra early to take down all of our light fixtures and wash them before work. It’s amazing how much better I felt after seeing my kitchen sparkle!

When I posted my “spring cleaning status” on Facebook, many of my friends posted their ideas.

  1. Update Facebook cover photo with a beach scene. There are few things more beautiful (in December and January) than a fresh blanket of snow on farm fields and barn roofs. After pushing snow and doing chores in the cold for weeks on end, however, white sand beaches now sound more appealing! I updated my Facebook cover photo, so I’m virtually transported to a beach each morning. 🙂
  2. FacebookCommentsPaint yourself happy. A few weeks ago, I picked out a beautiful blue color palette for a room in our house. The walls are now light and airy, plus I’ve brought nature inside by decorating with bird nests and pussy willow.
  3. Lighten the fare. Usually, I look forward to snow days so I can bake and cook for our kids and their friends. Cheeseburger Chowder, baked tacos, brownies and chocolate chip cookies are among their favorites. But after numerous snow days this winter, I’m starting to feel heavy! That’s why I’m searching for new recipes that are full of color like Sunshine Chopped Salad and Mediterranean Chicken Skillet by Iowa Girl Eats.
  4. Accessorize.  I recently read an article that “Radiant Orchid” is one of the top Pantone® colors for spring. Feeling as though the four walls were enclosing around me, last night I visited a nearby mall to get a color fix. I tried on a Celosia orange shirt and admired a Kelly green Michael Kors purse. (I should have bought this very purse last Saturday night at the Iowa 4-H Foundation auction.)
  5. Lather up with lotion. Last night I was momentarily transported to Oahu and Maui, Hawaii, by  three new signature lotions from Bath & Body. 
  6. Get creative with cosmetics. Buy new lipstick in a soft pastel or a bright color inspired by spring flowers. I didn’t have time to set down at the cosmetic bar last night, but I plan to do sometime within the next 30 days.
  7. Buy a bouquet. I always look forward to the arrival of tulips and daffodils, but it’s going to be a while before the snow melts and these little beauties peek their heads above the ground. I’m thinking about buying myself a bouquet just to brighten my day! Why should fresh flowers be reserved for occasions like Mother’s Day and anniversaries?
  8. Treat yourself to a spa pedicure and/or manicure.  I’ve been known to schedule customer visits around a trip to Faust Institute of Cosmetology in Spirit Lake. It’s been far too long since I’ve had “happy toes.” Northwest Iowa, here I come!
  9. Order flower and vegetable seeds. April is national gardening month, so it’s time to plot what gets planted. Not only do I need to plot, I need to buy seeds. (I need a lot of seeds since my pumpkin patch will be close to 7 acres this year!)
  10. Haircut and highlights. My mom was a cosmetologist, so she taught me that “highlights in your hair puts spring in your step.” 🙂 Even my 13-year-old daughter finds it fun to get a few highlights.

How do you fight cabin fever? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. For more ideas, click on the related posts below.

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