Day 9: Best of the Blogs: Your Story May Seem Ordinary, but to Someone It’s Extraordinary

“Tell your story or someone else will – and you might not like it!” is a line often used by Larry Sailer, who writes “Musings of a Pig Farmer” each Tuesday for When told by the wrong person, stories about production agriculture can be downright frightening! Misinformation and half-truths lead to fire storms.

“Social media fires” break out often when it comes to hot agricultural issues, said keynote speaker Katie Pinke, author of the Pinke Post during the Upper Midwest Regional AgChat Conference. Katie said that when it comes to ag issues, we all must work together to put these fires out with “social media water.” Simply put, the more voices there are telling the truth about agriculture, the better the chances of debunking the misconception.

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Be Understood Through the Lens of a Farm Girl