Maximize Yield Potential with Latham’s Seed-2-Soil®

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds created its hallmark Seed-2-Soil® program before “right seed, right acre” became an industry buzzword. Why? Because we’re interested in simplifying the crop planning and seed selection process to help our customers maximize their yield potential.

Research has shown that correct product placement leads to a 3-7% yield improvement. Latham’s Seed-2-Soil program utilizes the power of a partnership between grower and Latham representative to fit the right seed to every acre.

seed2soil-infographic_flat-2Seed-2-Soil begins with a discussion with you and your seed rep about all the variables that go into your farming practices each year. Each field is considered on an individual basis, factoring all the important information the farmer holds with the product and performance information the seed rep can bring to the table. The outcome is a tailored solution focused on maximum yield and profit per acre.

Not everyone has the same needs, so you get to choose your level of participation in the Seed-2-Soil program. Want to go beyond managing which varieties go in your field? Seed-2-Soil has another level of offerings to help measure and utilize micronutrients in your field for maximum yield per acre. Click here for more information.

How to Enroll

There are many variables that contribute to overall yield, so the Seed-2-Soil program helps you focus attention on those you can more easily control.  That’s why this year-long field observance and consulting program gives more meaning to grid sample data and geo-reference yield data, as well as promotes understanding about nutrients, varieties, and production practices.

To get started, your Latham representative will want to gather any previous year data that may be of help when planning and placing products for the coming season.  This can include but is not limited to:

  • GPS yield monitor data
  • Grid soil samples
  • Variety/hybrid information from previous year
  • Basic fertilizer and chemical application records

Seed-2-Soil provides farmers an opportunity to utilize data to help make sound management decisions in the quest for more profit per acre.  Click here to see how Seed-2-Soil can help organize data and evaluate results.