Resolution #1: Get Organized!

Cute tricks and easy tips for getting your house in order

Nearly everyone talks about making New Year’s Resolutions, yet only 45% of Americans actually do.  Six short months later, less than half of those who made resolutions are still committed to keeping them.

This year I’m determined to make only New Year’s Resolutions that I can keep!  I’ve set a goal to be part of the 10% of Americans who are still committed to their resolutions at the end of the year.  Here’s how I’m going to beat the odds…

Make passion your true power” and “develop a community of support” are two strategies that experts say increase one’s probability of success.  I’m passionate about these three things: home, hearth (family) and health.  That’s why I’m going to make resolutions focused on my passions and then build a community of support online through TheFieldPosition blog, Facebook and Pinterest.  You’re invited to join the fun!

Today I’m kicking off a three-part blog series on “Setting Successful New Year’s Resolutions.”  I’ll share some Pinterest-inspired ideas for organizing the home, and tomorrow Rebecca Ramage will share some tips for healthy cooking. The third part of our series – and one I’m especially looking forward to reading – will feature fun ideas that Laura Cunningham “pinned” to inspire quality time together as a family.


My personal philosophy is, “everything has a place and everything belongs its place.” Apparently, several hundreds of people on Pinterest feel the same way!  I was first Pinspired by Laura Cunningham’s Organize board.  Then I checked out On the Banks of Squaw Creek’s boards for Organizing and Organization.  These boards offered up so many unique and interesting ideas that I had 18 pins in a matter of minutes!  If I implement just one of these, I’m going to call it a success!

Here are some Pinterest-inspired ideas to help get a house in order:

  1. ‘Tis the season to put away the holiday decorations.  I love this inexpensive and simple way to store glass ornaments.  Check out this clever way to store wrapping paper, too.  Thanks to an ordinary toilet paper roll, no wrapping paper will be ripped or wasted due to rubber bands or tape!
  2. Spice up the Kitchen.  I already have a spice drawer, and yes, my spices are stored in alphabetical order.  I love not having to search for ingredients!  (I pinned this one just so my husband knows there are other people who think like me.)
  3. When I saw the pitcher of flour and sugar, it was a “light bulb moment.”  My pantry will look tidier and there will less chance of me making a mess while measuring ingredients.
  4. Garage Barrage.  I just happen to know where I can find a few pallets  This idea could even be taken to the livestock barns at the county fair.  I also like the  inexpensive idea of using PVC pipes with labels, so you know if something goes missing.

I’m always looking for ways to store an overflow of kids’ toys, whether its basketballs, footballs and baseball bats or video games.  Feel free to share your ideas with me via Facebook, Pinterest or our blog!