Be Assured “Quality” is in the Bag

High heat and low moisture levels created several production challenges – for farmers and seed suppliers alike – in 2012.  Dry growing conditions have affected seed germinations, seed size and seed quality nationwide.

Not all seed brands will be able to offer top quality products for 2013 planting. Be sure to read the bag tag and consider switching product numbers or adjusting plant populations accordingly.

Rest assured when you plant Latham®, you’re planting quality. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ hands-on production process allows for less handling, which leads to higher germination rates.

The vast majority of our seed beans are brought to Latham’s production facility in Alexander, Iowa, immediately upon harvest.  Bringing the soybeans directly to our plant allows Latham to control the seed from the production field to our customer’s shed.

The trays we use to bring soybeans from the cleaner to the bagging system are so gentle they’re used to make corn flakes!

We also don’t bag in extremely cold conditions, which can lead to splits and cracks and further reduce the chances of having that seed germinate. Our bagging line was shut down most of this week due to cold temperatures.

We take great pride in producing soybeans that contain the industry’s top genetics with leading technologies like Genuity® Roundup Ready to Yield® and LibertyLink.  We’re also proud to offer top hybrids featuring the industry’s top genetics – and one of the broadest, deepest trait lineups in the country.

As a family-owned company, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds can offer hybrids with the following technologies: Genuity® SmartStax® and RIB Complete™; Agrisure Viptera 3111 and 3000GT; and Herculex Xtra™.  (Click here for our full hybrid lineup.)

Contact your Latham® representative or call 1-877-GO-LATHAM for more information about top-shelf Latham brand products on inventory that will meet your needs for spring 2013 planting.

“The gentle handling of Latham® seed through each part of the bagging and delivery process helps preserve seed quality.”