“Place Your Chips” for the Mark Pearson Endowment

Mark Pearson and I at 2011 Iowa State Fair

Today will be bittersweet.

“The Big Show” will be broadcasting live from Latham headquarters to cover preparations underway for our company’s 65th anniversary celebration on Saturday, Aug. 23.  Unfortunately, we’ll be doing today’s broadcast without one of the ag community’s most-loved personalities.

But Mark Pearson, longtime host of WHO Radio’s “The Big Show” and Iowa Public Television’s “Market to Market” program, will be with us in spirit!  That’s why today through Saturday we’ll be honoring Mark’s memory in a way that’s fitting of his fun-loving spirit.

“The Big Show’s” Bob Quinn and me on location during our 2011 WHO Radio / Latham Crop Tour

Tune into Newsradio 1040 WHO today between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. CST to hear the details of our Cow Chip Bingo game.  WHO listeners and Mark Pearson fans even will have an opportunity to participate “virtually” through lathamseeds.com.  Visitors to the Latham Country Fair on Saturday can participate “in person.”

Proceeds from our Cow Chip Bingo game will benefit the Mark Pearson Endowment, a scholarship program available to junior and senior students at Iowa colleges who have chosen to major in agriculture journalism.  (Side bar: This scholarships is also near and dear to my heart since I majored in agricultural journalism at Iowa State University.)

How to “Place Your Chips” to Benefit the Mark Pearson Scholarship Endowment
Those attending the event will select one of 64 Bingo squares. Those who cannot attend the event are invited to pledge online by visiting www.lathamseeds.com and selecting the “Cow Chip Bingo” icon at the bottom of the page or by mailing a check to:

WHO Radio
c/o Janine Van Vark
Note: Cow Chip Bingo
2141 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312
Virtual and mail pledges will be put into a drawing for prizes, including $100 worth of beef certificates from the Iowa Beef Industry Council.