Robotic Milkers Are Changing Lifestyles

Guest blog by Chad Huyser, Director – Sales & Operations, Lely USA.

It goes without saying that farmers in all food production industries work hard year-round, helping to feed our hungry world.  The need to more efficiently feed such a rapidly growing population is driving innovation.  The evolution in technologies that we use today to care for our livestock and to keep our crops safe is forever-changing the face of modern agriculture.

At Lely, we’re dedicated to providing dairy producers with tools to better manage their herds, including solutions that help increase herd health and improve milk quality.  The Lely Astronaut, for instance, allows dairy farmers to milk their herd automatically, which gives them the freedom to spend time with family or focus on other aspects of their operation. It’s because of this that we, at Lely, believe that robotic milking is changing more than the way producers milk their cows. It’s changing the way producers live their lives.

Ten years ago, the Knigge family became the first dairy producers in the U.S. to install robotic milkers on their operation. Hear their story in the video below.


Join us to see robotic milking in action

As you know, June is Dairy Month and to celebrate, a number of dairy producers host events to connect with their communities and tell the story of modern dairy. A member of our “Lely Family,” Ehrhardt Dairy Farm, from Monona, Iowa, recently held an Open House inviting the community to see their robotic dairy operation in action. Meet the Ehrhardt’s below.


Another member of the “Lely Family,” Nor-Bert Farms, in Bremen, Indiana, will open their doors June 18 to serve guests a free brunch and provide tours of their robotic dairy farm.

Today, in honor of June Dairy Month, I invite you to raise a glass of milk in honor of the many dairy farmers who provide safe and nutritious milk and dairy products.

More about Lely USA

Since 1948, the Lely brand has played a major role in the advancement of farm equipment, both in America and around the world. From the invention of the ground-driven wheel rake in the 1940s to today’s revolutionary Astronaut robotic milking system, Lely has always worked hard to recognize and anticipate the needs of the dairy farmer. The Astronaut is the latest Lely innovation, developed to enhance productivity, reduce overall operating costs and increase profitability through better herd management.

More information about Lely dairy industry innovations is available at Lely’s website,, or by calling  1-866-LELYUSA. You can also visit Lely’s Facebook page, Twitter page, blog or YouTube page.