The many reasons to thank a farmer

I had the honor of joining some Latham customers on combine rides last fall.  I talked with them about product performance and the markets. I talked with them about their goals for expansion or about their desire to pass their farm to their children.  Although agriculture has been a part of my life since I was a child, I was reminded during those conversations just what an incredibly special group of people farmers are.

That’s why when consumers have misconceived notions about food prices, food quality or “food versus fuel,” I have to give farming a voice. I believe it’s vitally important to educate individuals about today’s agriculture practices, so they have a better understanding of just how dinner arrived on their plate or clothes on their backs.

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association is doing a marvelous job at educating consumers about agriculture and the many reasons consumers should “thank a farmer.” With their recent campaign, the True Environmentalists, the SDCGA is sharing with consumers how farmers were concerned about the environment before being concerned was “trendy.”

This campaign website shares ways in which farmers work to protect the soil, air, water and wildlife.  It also shares 10 reasons consumers should “thank a farmer.”

One reason to thank a U.S. farmer is because their productivity allows us to save money at the grocery store.  Americans as a whole spend just 9.6 percent of their disposable income on food (including dining out) – the lowest percentage in history! Not only that, but according to a United States Department of Agriculture article, just 11.6 cents of every dollar we spend on that food makes it back to the farmer.

I encourage you to visit SDGA’s site and share this page with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to help educate consumers about agriculture and provide them with a few of the many, many reasons they should thank a farmer today.

Thanks to those farmers in Latham country and beyond who work so hard to help feed and fuel our world!