Pushing Corn Populations

With corn pushing $6 to $7 per bushel, many farmers will look at pushing corn populations to increase yield even more this year.

“Trying to uncover the mystery behind plant populations” is the focus of a recent Wallaces Farmer article, featuring Latham’s own Nick Benson.  As corn product specialist and Northeast Iowa regional sales manager, Nick had the opportunity to share his thoughts with Rod Swoboda.

There are multiple factors corn growers should consider when looking to push plant populations, but Nick says the highlights include:

1) Reviewing the true data – not the skewed data.

2) Avoiding planting populations that are too high and thus risking decreased yield.

3) Remembering that all growing conditions are different, from grower to grower and from field to field – plant populations aren’t a “one size fits all” practice.

Click here to read the full article and to get Nick’s complete list of factors to consider when pushing plant populations.

With corn markets where they are today, are you planning to push population in your field(s) this year?