Ways to Warm Up Winter Days

It was 6 below when I left my office yesterday morning, so I decided to make a pit-stop at Casey’s for a cup of vanilla cappuccino – and a good reason to let my vehicle warm up for a few more minutes!  Two hours and 115 miles later, it was a balmy 0 degrees in Des Moines.

Visions of tropical destinations entered my mind each time I left one meeting in a heated office building only to drive across the metro in a cold vehicle to attend yet another meeting in a warm office building.  I returned home later that day, however, only to be reminded that I’m actually living in a Winter Wonderland.  It’s all in one’s attitude.

As I turned into my driveway, I saw “snow art” decorating our front yard.  My son was playing King of the Hill with his BFF Bailey, our 11-month-old Black Lab.  Then he asked me to peek at the “cool” snow fort he had built.

“Bear Grylls is right – It’s much warmer in a cave,” said my little Man v. Wild fan before proceeding to demonstrate how he fits perfectly into a hole he had dug with my garden spade.

Whether you’re 9 or 90, there are plenty of fun ways to warm up on a cold winter’s day.  Here’s what tops my list:

  • Enjoying a hot cup of soup for dinner with my family (after all January is National Soup Month);
  • Playing outdoors, tossing the ball with Bailey or sledding with my kids; and
  • Reading by the fire, but this has to happen before my kids wake up or after they go to bed!

What’s your favorite way to warm up on a cold, winter’s day?