Refuge-in-a-bag Products Hot Topic at Corn & Sorghum and Soybean Seed Research Conference in Chicago

More than 2,500 seed industry representatives recently gathered in Chicago for the 65th Corn & Sorghum Seed Research Conference and 40th Soybean Seed Research Conference (CSS 2010) to conduct business, share research findings, learn about the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and network.

As chairman of the Corn & Sorghum Committee, we’re excited to say that this year’s convention was a huge success, setting the record for attendance, as well as for exhibitors.  There were 116 exhibitors ranging from bag and treatment suppliers to robot manufacturers to software companies. In addition to the Seed Expo, the convention featured three days of educational sessions covering a multitude of topics from breeding for biofuels to plant composition and trait development.

Refuge-in-a-bag (RIB) products were a hot topic. Both farmers and seed companies alike are excited about new RIB products. As with anything brand new, however, there are still a lot of issues that must be dealt with behind the scenes. Fortunately, the seed industry works together better than most industries. We’ll work together to find the best ways to put RIB products into the bag and get the seed into the field.

The conference reinforced that the future of the seed industry is very promising, as it will play a vital role in helping feed a growing world population. Biotechnology must be used to help keep up with the growing demand, and there is a tremendous amount of new biotech traits that continue to hit the market every year. Because there are so many new products on the market, it’s our job as an independent seed company to help find those that offer the highest value for our customers.

Overall, CSS 2010 was a huge success.  It’s a great honor to serve as chairman of the Corn & Sorghum Division and to sit on the board of directors of the American Seed Trade Association.

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