Have a Safe and Prosperous Harvest – National Farm Safety Week

This week marks National Farm Safety week, and with harvest well underway, we wanted to remind everyone to stay safe this fall. Farming ranks behind mining as the second-highest industry incurring disabling and fatal accidents annually, and no one knows better than a farmer just how dangerous the job can be. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) provides educational brochures offering safety tips for everything from how to keep a child safe on the farm, to safe use of harvesting equipment. Click the link below for their full list of safety brochures. http://www.necasag.org/safety_brochures.php

In addition to reminding farmers to stay safe, we encourage those driving to allow extra space and time for slow moving farm equipment on the roadways. We’d also like to remind motorists to be extra careful when passing farm equipment on roadways and bridges.

Thank you, farmers, for all that you do every day! Today’s American farmer feeds 155 people worldwide, and Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is proud to help American farmers feed and fuel the world.  We wish  everyone a safe and plentiful harvest!