Waiting Patiently to Plant (Edamame) Soybeans

Seed that will soon be planted in Gaesser's Edamame plot

Like any other soybean farmer, Chris Gaesser is watching the soil temperatures and waiting patiently for planting conditions to improve.  Unlike most other soybean farmers, however, he’ll be planting edamame in his plot.

“Growing edamame is a lot like growing any other type of soybeans.  We’re shooting for soil temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees with a target planting date of May 10,” says Chris, who farms in southwest Iowa near Corning, with his father, Ray.

Last year the Gaessers planted a garden plot of edamame that was three rows wide, 22 inches apart and 100 feet long.  This year they’re planning to do the same.  The Gaesser’s plot will be showcased by The Soyfoods Council later this summer.  Food editors and top chefs from across the nation will be invited to pick fresh edamame and to create new dishes.

“We enjoy trying to new things to promote agriculture, food production and soybeans in general,” says Chris.  “It’s fun to meet new people.  And who knows, maybe we’ll even help create a niche market.”

Photos are courtesy of the Soyfoods Council.

Photo of last year's planting day with members of The Soyfoods Council