2010 Motorcycle Diaries, Part III

The Harley-Davidson experience continued

By the time we met at the driving range on Sunday morning, I had another eight hours of experience in the saddle.  More drive time had greatly increased my confidence, but I have to admit that I still wasn’t looking forward to getting graded on a Figure 8.

“Conquering the Figure 8” was listed as my top concern in my Road Book.  That maneuver was my nemesis during last year’s course, and it continued to challenge me.  Fortunately, I didn’t put my foot down during the driving test this year.  I lost a few points for driving (slightly) outside the box, but my technique definitely improved.

One skill that came naturally was stopping quickly in a short distance.  As I wrote on my blog last year, my ability to brake quickly won’t surprise anyone who has ridden in a car with me.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Certificate of Achievement for my braking abilities during a special graduation ceremony Sunday afternoon at the Silver Eagle Harley-Davidson dealership.  (Those of you who realize how challenged I am behind the steering wheel of a car can appreciate how much it means for me to be recognized for doing something good in the driver’s seat!).

Our graduation pomp and circumstance included personal – and often entertaining – comments from our rider coaches as they awarded a certificate to each student.  There was even one award for “Best Motorcycle Acrobatics” to a student who accidentally popped a wheelie in the staging area.

What would a graduation ceremony be without a cake?  And this wasn’t just any cake!  It was an especially delicious ice cream cake from Hansen Dairy in Hudson.

Also during the graduation ceremony, each student was presented with a goody bag including: a souvenir photo of him/her on a motorcycle, a class photo, a Rider’s Edge t-shirt, a Harley-Davidson kickstand pad and merchandise gift certificates.  These parting gifts were not expected but certainly sent us home with items that will help us relive our Rider’s Edge class experience.

The Rider’s Edge motorcycle course was truly a great experience, from the small group break-out sessions and Road Book to the graduation party and parting gifts.

Page 26 of the Road Book goes into more detail about the Harley-Davidson experience.  It reads:

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