2010 Motorcycle Diaries, Part II

“The experience starts here” is written on the doors of Silver Eagle Harley, and “the experience” is what differentiates the Rider’s Edge® New Rider Course from other courses offered.

One of my favorite parts of this course was time spent journaling in my Rider’s Edge Roadbook—which is probably no surprise given that writing is one of my passions.  But, I truly believe this interactive activity added to each student’s overall course experience.  We were asked to reflect on our thoughts and goals and to “chart the course of your learning as well as celebrate your accomplishments.”

A few of my reflections during the second night of class, after touring each department in the dealership, include:  Dealers support the sport of motorcycling by ensuring a rider is properly outfitted and is riding a bike that fits the person.  Take some test rides. Don’t succumb to peer pressure; each person will offer his/her own opinion of what bike you should ride.  Buy what feels best to you.  There is a misconception that a Sportster is the best bike for a beginner.  I had my photo taken on a blue Softail Rocker because I loved the color, but I know that color alone is not reason enough to buy one.

The Roadbook also includes a place to write down milestones, and I was determined that “passing the driving test with flying colors” was going in mine on Sunday!  Other milestones to note include:

  • Rode around my neighborhood
  • Rode outside my neighborhood
  • Picked a mentor or riding guide
  • 1st solo ride
  • 1st group ride
  • Subscribed to an online motorcycling community
  • Took and Experienced RiderCourseTM
  • Took a vacation on a motorcycle

Each of these events includes a blank next to it to write in the date when you have met this milestone.  While my Roadbook is full of blanks now, I’m hopeful a few dates entered by this time next year.

My 12-Month Goals include:

  1. Buy my own bike;
  2. Take a Skilled Rider Course; and
  3. Ride in the 2011 Latham Freedom of Independence Ride.

Before I can look too far ahead to the 2011 Independence Ride, I need to turn my attention to the 2010 ride on Aug. 30.  One of the first details I need to tend to is getting riders registered!

The 2010 Latham Freedom of IndependenceTM Ride offers a great chance to “experience” the Latham® Hi-Tech Seeds difference.  Riders will have a first-hand opportunity to see the exciting new traits and technologies available in our new product lineup.  There will be four seed technology showcases along the 100-mile route from Ames to Boone.  Where else can you ride our motorcycle on a Monday and call it work?  Click here for more information on the Freedom Ride. Pre-registration is required, so sign up today at https://www.lathamseeds.com/2010-freedom-form.cfm.