No Contracts Needed to Plant Vistive® Soybeans

Farmers don’t need a contract to plant Latham® Hi-Tech Soybeans with Vistive technology this spring. They can also sell grain from Vistive soybeans if needed.

Monsanto recently announced that it is temporarily lifting the processor contract requirement in an effort to meet current demand for Vistive soybeans.

This recent announcement opens up in-season sales for Latham Hi-Tech Soybeans L 2735 R2V, L 3153 R2V, and L 2458 RV. Noted as “R2V,” these two soybean brands feature the new GenuityTM Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM soybean technology. Due to continued strong demand for Vistive soybeans and the new RR2Y technology, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is raising L2735R2V and L3153R2V this spring and for the 2010-2011 sales year.

Vistive growers benefit from good yield potential and also a premium of 60 cents per bushel that will add directly to their bottom line. Click here for a list of elevators and grain processor currently available to assist growers with the 2010 Vistive low-linolenic soybean program.