Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Speaks at Commodity Classic

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke March 5 at the Commodity Classic in Anaheim, Calif. Vilsack, as reported by Successful Farming, shared his hopes to expand global market access for U.S. farm products with corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum farmers.

Vilsack discussed the USDA’s efforts to reenergize rural economies by promoting U.S. products throughout the world with a different approach than has been used in the past. The USDA previously looked at agricultural trading partners by geographic region. But in a new strategy outlined by Vilsack, the USDA will be looking at countries based on their position on an agricultural market continuum. This new approach will open the door for strategies that can increase exports to each individual market.

“USDA’s continued work to expand trade opportunities for America’s hard-working farmers and ranchers will play an important role in our effort to rebuild rural communities across the country,” said Vilsack. “Increased trade will not only create important income opportunities for producers, but also the off-farm jobs that are so critical for revitalizing rural America.”

What are your thoughts on the USDA’s new approach to export markets?