Planter Preparation

There are many things that require your attention as you prepare to head back into the fields, but one of the more important things you can do is get your planter well prepared for planting.

Below is a check list of important steps to take when preparing your planter for the field:  

  1. Check the drive trains; make sure they are not rusted or stiff.
  2. Check the shaft bearings and sprocket bearings for their shape and condition. They should be well lubricated.
  3. Clean and inspect the chemical meters used for seed treatments on the planter.
  4. Check the opener blades; make sure they are not worn.
  5. Check the sprocket teeth for wear.
  6. If equipped, make sure the vacuum meter system is clean and seals are not worn to ensure proper metering.
  7. Use the owner’s manual extensively for calibration.
  8. Follow all hourly service requirements and greasing requirements.
  9. Stop by the dealer or visit the equipment manufacturer’s web site to learn what is new.
  10. In the field, dig to expose seeds in the row to be sure the planter is operating correctly. This may help avoid an erratic stand after emergence. Confirm desired seed depth and seed-to-soil contact.

For other important tips as you prepare for planting, see our blog, Planting Preparation, (you’ll need to scroll down a bit) and as always, please post any questions you might have that we can help with in the field below.