Brownfield Network visits Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

We recently hosted a media day at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, and we were so happy to have Jerry Passer with the Brownfield Network attend.

Jerry wrote a wonderful post on the Brownfield blog about his visit to Alexander and what he learned about Latham’s product line offerings:

My purpose on this trip was a media day at Latham High Tech Seeds just south of the village of Alexander. John Latham is President and his wife Shannon is Vice President of this family-owned seed business started by John’s grandfather, Willard Latham in 1947. Latham’s headquarters is located in the Heartland of the Midwest in a farm setting.

John Latham and representatives of Monsanto introduced their new product lineup that combines high performing Latham seed genetics with the latest Genuity brand biotechnology traits from Monsanto Company.

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