Latham Hi-Tech Seeds spotted at the State Fair

No trip to the Iowa State Fair is complete without a visit to the Agriculture Building and a look at the Butter Cow, featuring 600 pounds of low-moisture, pure cream Iowa butter. And right across from the Butter Cow, 2009 fairg goers will see Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids corn plants on display in the Iowa Corn Growers exhibit featuring a flex-fuel vehicle.  Latham Hi-Tech is proud to help promote Ethanol and processor-preferred hybrids.

Also to promote flex-fuel vehicles and ethanol-blended fuel up to E85, Iowa Corn is sponsoring the GameDay DriveAway. The grand prize is a victory red, 2009 Chevy Silverado fueled by Iowa’s corn growers and running on E85 or Super Unleaded. Plus, two lucky winners will receive ethanol for a year!

The Iowa Corn Fed GameDay DriveAway is part of a GameDay partnership that includes the Iowa and Iowa State football, basketball, and wrestling seasons. You can enter the drawing once each month from July 10 through Nov. 21 online at, or you can sign up in person at Cyclone Fan Fest on Aug. 23, and the Iowa and Iowa State football game on Sept. 12.

Weekly winners will be given free game tickets and other prizes. The ethanol prizes will be given away at the Iowa and Iowa State women’s basketball game and the wrestling match up in December. Ten lucky winners will attend the Iowa and Iowa State men’s basketball ¬†game on Dec. 11 to try their luck at opening the door of the GameDay DriveAway Chevy Silverado.

Latham at the State Fair