Check the fencelines… it’s Wild Asparagus Season!

For those of you asparagus fans out there, now is the time to be on the hunt!asparagusimage

The best places to look for asparagus are along fence lines and in ditches where grass isn’t cut on a regular basis. These plants can be found towering over grass as they grow over two feet tall. The most tender finds are the slender young spears. These hold the most flavor. The more the plant ages, the thicker the stem becomes and the more the flavor will fade.

Asparagus shoots are a perennial plant. Mark your spots each year as there is a good chance that it where they will be found the following season. The plants may grow 6 to 10 inches per day. Check back to your spots every two to three days for more potential finds that have sprouted while you were away.

Store your asparagus in the refrigerator covered loosely in plastic. If you don’t plan on using your asparagus soon, make sure it stays hydrated in the fridge until you’re ready to prepare. Store for up to one week to ensure freshness.

There are many ways to use asparagus. A side-dish, afternoon snack, even an addition to a great recipe for added low-calorie, great taste. Share your recipes using asparagus with us in the comment box below!