Monsanto Launches Genuity Master Brand

This is innovation with a singular purpose.  To help you do what you do best, even better.

We’re excited to be involved with Monsanto’s launch of Genuity™, its “umbrella” brand for current and future seed traits that we think will help simplify and integrate the decision-making process for growers in selecting seed.

The Genuity brand will be fully rolled out into the marketplace in 2010.

With trait-building technologies advancing at a dizzying pace these days, Monsanto saw the need to create an easily identifiable marketing platform that would be the host brand for the newest and future technologies. This will help reduce the proliferation of separate brand marks that would otherwise result  as new technologies steadily come to market in future years.

As Genuity gets up and running, Monsanto’s latest traits will take their place under the brand. For example, in 2010, you’ll see Genuity™ Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ soybeans and Genuity™ VT Triple Pro™. Pre-commercial traits such as Genuity™ SmartStax™ will also be under the new brand. Monsanto says a number of traits under YieldGard will remain independent of Genuity for now, and eventually phased out as their technologies are upgraded and placed under Genuity.

Of  course some products with multiple traits will have more than one icon. Latham will be participating in Genuity brand implementation meetings starting this month, so check back to The Field Position for the latest on Genuity as we map out how Latham will incorporate this brand system into our products.

Each Genuity product will also be accompanied by an “icon” or symbol signifying the basic functional benefit of the seed trait. They are as follows:

Genuity Icons1

Have questions on this new system of brands from Monsanto?  Leave us a note in the comment box below!