Latham Customers Band Together To Help Farmer In Need Bring In The Harvest

A great story of neighbors helping neighbors reached our mailbox this past week from our friends in South Dakota. Bad luck had struck hard this past fall for one of our own Latham customers. Early in the harvest season, the family’s combine motor blew up after the very first round in the first field of soybeans. With wet conditions following, they were forced to leave the beans and switch to corn.

Due to minor medical complications, the father, who held the role of main farm manager was hospitalized a couple weeks ago. This left only the son to bring in the harvest and maintain the rest of the operation.

On October 31, friends and neighbors gathered to form a harvest bee of 10 combines, 5 grain carts, several trucks and semis. Together they brought in 600 acres of crop in a single day. Bill Eichacker, Latham RSM from the South Dakota region, would like to give a shout out to all those farmers who lent a hand to bring in the crop this fall. “It’s great to have close friends to rely on when we were in such a bind” he commented, without them we never would’ve been able to finish harvest on time.”

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