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  • Ogden, IA
  • Boone
  • 05/01/2020
  • Internal Plot
CompanyHybrid/VarietyMaturityYield (AO)Income%MST (AM)RankPrev Crop
Latham Hi-Tech SeedsLH 6175 VT2 PRO RIB-NON RETURN 111.0 250.1 $944.4916.102Soybean
Latham Hi-Tech SeedsEX6039 SS RIB 110.0 238.9 $907.9015.003Soybean
Latham Hi-Tech SeedsEX6520 VT2 PRO 115.0 251.5 $927.5018.301Soybean
Latham Hi-Tech SeedsLH 5949 SS RIB-NON RETURN 109.0 238.3 $902.6815.804Soybean
Latham Hi-Tech SeedsLH 6149 SS RIB-NON RETURN 111.0 227.8 $860.1716.105Soybean