Product Placement is Key to Success

Planting a product in the field it was chosen for creates the greatest success.

We spend a lot of time at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds working with our dealers and customers on the proper placement of our products in their fields. The suggestions we offer in our product guide and tech sheets provide a great amount of detail. In addition, our product team members offer face-to-face support for these recommendations while giving tours to dealers and customers throughout the season.

A Field x Field™ recommendation for your farm creates optimum performance opportunities for the Latham┬« products you purchased. Our Field x Field guide can either be a paper document provided by your dealer or an electronic version inside your Data ForwardSM App that your dealer or one of our precision agronomists helped you design.

Now that you have this detailed plan, what steps can you take to implement it accurately? Here are a few suggestions to help execute your plan:

  1. Review your plan and be sure it matches each field.
  2. Did you add a field that needs seed? If so, contact your Latham dealer to get a plan for that field and seed ordered.
  3. Take delivery of your seed early. Document that you have all the products and correct volume of each to match your plan for each field.
  4. Sort your seed purchases by field.
  5. Label where you plan to plant the seed, the seeding rate and suggested timing.

Before planting starts, gather everyone on your team who helps with planting. Review the crop plan with them. Be sure everyone understands the importance of planting each product in the correct field.

Following the steps listed above will help ensure the time spent building your crop plan with your Latham dealer or RSM was time well spent. A well-executed plan can add value to your operation in 2021.