Give Alfalfa a Second Look

Alfalfa can offer one of the highest returns on a farmers’ investment, but it often gets the least amount of consideration. Growers often purchase alfalfa from the first salesperson who asks for the order, but it really pays to compare alfalfa products. You usually get what you pay for, and quality pays for itself.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers very competitive, highly productive, Olympic-style alfalfa products. Unfortunately, we tend to undersell the advantages our alfalfa line carries.

Here are three reasons why alfalfa from Latham is superior:

  1. Best genetics offer higher yield potential.
  2. Top seed quality leads to higher germination rates.
  3. Best seed treatment fosters emergence success.

Because most farmers only get approximately 40 chances in their careers to get a crop right, make each one count! One key to top yields is fast emergence. When you merge the best genetics with the best seed treatments, farmers can have confidence they have done all they can to manage environmental risks.

Latham’s AlfaShield seed treatment surrounds the alfalfa seed, helping it absorb soil moisture quickly to begin the germination process. AlfaShield also contains key micronutrients, as well as a growth promoter called Optimize Gold, that accelerate emergence.

Seed Treatment Chart

New seeding mortality rates were very high, from 50 to 75% in the first year, with old seed treatments. New treatments like Stamina, however, reduce pathogen problems and manage risk. As a result, seedling mortality is lower and higher yields are possible.

Our goal is MORE LIVE PLANTS per bag, which allows you to capture more yield. Seed selection and fertility are key, so help set your crop up for success by choosing alfalfa products from Latham Seeds.