IMG 3122What is Big Data? It sounds a little scary, maybe even intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. Farm data is so important, and Latham’s Precision Agronomy Advisors are here to help simplify the process by putting your data to work for you!

At family-owned, independent Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we help our dealers and their customers by providing the latest technology whether its genetics, traits or programs like Data Forward.

We have a “Dream Team” for picking and choosing the Latham® product lineup, as John Latham said during a recent virtual training held with Latham Dealers. Members of our product team study lots of data when choosing products. They bring forward only the products for specific geographies.

Big data can help you select the very best products for your fields, too. While plot data can help choose products, whole-field average data is even better. Imagine what we could learn from a whole-field average versus plot data alone. We have the capability to anonymously aggregate all this data to see how products are performing across Latham Country. This year we also have entered every one of Latham’s SuperStrip™ and MiniStrip™ plot locations into our Data Forward program, so it will help us monitor product performance across multiple locations throughout the year. This really helps us place products and understand their characteristics.

Farmers also can adapt precision agriculture to gain great insight into their operation. It can help you better manage input costs to be more efficient while still gaining yield. When you have access to all this data, you have the tools and insights to know where and when to place seed or fertilizer down to the micro level.

Better seed and fertilizer placement can increase your profit per acre. Because there are so many variables that factor into figuring profit per acre, it can be complicated. Big Data can simplify the process by helping you analyze your operations. Big Data can help make precision ag users become more efficient and profitable.

Big Data does not have to be scary or intimidating. Just work with people you trust to gather this data and put it to work for you, so you can better understand your fields and your overall operation. Feel free to reach out to your Latham Precision Agronomy Advisors to help you gather and organize this data, so you can put it to work on your farm.