Healthy Soils Lead to Increased Yields

April May recruitment adBy Lyle Marcus, Corn Production Manager

The 2019 growing season left many acres across Latham Country less than optimum for good crop growth and development. Late harvest and saturated soil conditions reduce good soil organisms that help our corn hybrids get off to the best start. Using planter box treatments like Talc USA products offered by Latham Hi-Tech Seeds can improve your crop’s success in 2020.

All planter manufacturers recommend some type of planter box additive to aid seed flow and lubricate seed meters. Talc USA’s lineup provides the needed lubrication, plus a yield advantage:

Talc USA, planter box talc and talc/graphite combo product

· Premium 200 micron grind product

· Fortified with .7% iron and .09% manganese

MicroSurge Inoculant

· Increases atmospheric nitrogen used by your corn plants

· Adds Azospirillum organisms to the soil via the seed and enhances root function


· Contains five microbials that fix nitrogen and mobilize phosphorus

· Helps with key functions of the corn plant through better uptake of nutrients


· Contains the Harpin Protein, which suppresses plant-feeding nematodes

· Shows yield response even when nematode populations fall below economic threshold

Latham’s Agronomy team in 2019 showed an increase in yield and plant health at our Alexander research farm TALC USA trial. If you’re looking for opportunities to improve the performance of your crops, find more information on TALC USA products at


Talc USA yield trial handout JPEG