A Simple Solution to an Even Stand

2.4.20 TTA great growing season begins with picket fence stands and even emergence. With this goal in mind we are excited to continue offering the TALC USA line of premium Talc, Graphite and Microsurge Innoculant products. Each of these products provides unique qualities to improve planter performance and enhance yield through seed-applied biologicals. Our product line catalog featured at right includes features and benefits for each product, but I’d like to highlight a few I believe farmers across Latham Country can especially benefit from:

Talc and Talc GraphiteTalc and Talc 80/20 Graphite Blend: Why use TALC USA’s talc and talc/graphite blend products? They are a high-grade premium 200 micron grind Talc for improved planter performance but also fortified with iron and manganese for increased yield & plant health.


InceptiveInceptive: Inceptive, equipped with a Harpin Protein, is designed to enhance your plant’s defense mechanism. It’s easy to use by mixing with either Talc or 80/20 Talc Graphite to suppress cyst and pest nematodes. Inceptive promotes improved root systems and germination while also increasing photosynthesis and early vigor.


MicroSurge InoculantsMicroSurge Corn and Soybean Inoculants: Microsurge inoculants can be easily applied by mixing with Talc and 80/20 Talc Graphite as a planter box treatment and are designed to increase mycorrhizal activity for improved soil health.


Contact your Latham Representative for information on which products might get your crop off to a great start this growing season.