IMG 8924With today’s cutting-edge technology, there isn’t much we can’t monitor in the cab. The ability to monitor the planter, sprayer, fertilizer applicator or combine is a great record-keeping asset, plus it allows us to make more informed decisions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and a few after-market companies have built technology platforms to generate important information on our farms. Most of these companies have their own proprietary cloud-based data storage, so we can access information remotely and have that data at our fingertips.

One main advantage of machine-generated, cloud-based service is access to information anytime and anywhere, using a mobile device or PC. If you’re operating multiple pieces of machinery in the field, you can connect remotely to see where the other machine has been in the field. You also can get an average of the machine-generated data produced by all machines. For example, say you are operating two planters in the same field. Both planters have swath control, so both planters know the GPS coverage patterns for each machine. One planter can shut off swath sections and communicate that function to the other planter, which prevents overlapping coverage between machines.

Collecting data and seeing your field maps in real-time view allows you to make management decisions as you pass through the field. Later we can upload these real-time view maps into Data Forward and take a deeper dive into what looks good and what could use improvement.

Sharing critical information with your agronomic advisors is very important. You can save time and help your agronomic advisors make better recommendations by sharing your files through a cloud-based platform. You can share field data from your entire operation, one farm, or a single field.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is an independent company, and Data Forward is an independent precision ag platform. We work with any precision ag system and its cloud-based services. The cloud makes the process of pulling data from the cloud into Data Forward seamless. We can then work on cleaning up the raw data and create a plan. Our plan might include soil sampling, precision ag hardware investments, product placement, fertility recommendations, satellite imagery and more.

Your Latham Precision Agronomy Advisors are here to support you with making these decisions, even if it is choosing which machine- generating platform would be the best fit for your operation.