Northwest North Dakota

Brian McNamee

We got our first taste of winter last week with a few inches of snowfall and a very light frost. Farmers have shifted into overdrive to get as many soybeans harvested and silage corn cut before this next round of forecasted snow.

This farmer was stuck so bad that they had to dump the load of silage on the ground to pull this rig from the mud. I’ve also seen combines stuck as people are pushing the limits to try to get this crop out.

Why are they pushing so hard? Last year we had the exact same scenario. Snow began falling at approximately the same date on the calendar. Lots of soybeans were combined after Thanksgiving, and some of the 2018 crop harvest was delayed until May 2019.

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 3

Southeast North Dakota

Gary Geske

We were blessed with a couple days of sunshine before the next storm, so some soybeans got harvested. Harvest moistures are ranging from 14 to 20 percent. Yields are quite variable due to all the drowned-out areas and uneven harvest conditions.

Gary 1

James 1Northeast South Dakota

James Keltgen

A number of Northeast South Dakota farmers started soybean harvest this week. Moistures are still fairly high, but a major snowstorm is expected here mid-week. Many soybeans are close to being ready but still need a few nice days to ripen enough to combine. The snowstorm will bring an end to our growing season as the forecasted low is 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone hopes this forecast is wrong as there is still a lot of corn that has not black layered. Yield losses look to range from 0 to 15%.

Ramie 1Southeast South Dakota

Ramie Coughlin

Stalk rots and ear rots are par for the course this harvest season with the wet year we have had. Unfortunately, the only to stop or slow them now is a killing frost. I encourage you to walk your fields and look for stalk and ear rots. You’ll want to harvest these fields first as they are very susceptible to dropping earns and also to going down with strong winds.

Ken 1Northern Minnesota

Ken Highness

Latham® dealer Allan Murack waited for drier field conditions to harvest this field of Latham brand 1238 LL soybeans. This field was harvested yesterday near Cayuga, ND.


Southern Minnesota

Justin Prokosch

It’s been a busy couple of days in Southern Minnesota are farmers harvest as many acres as possible while the weather holds. With warmer temps and windy days, many soybean fields have become fit to harvest.

Justin 1

Justin 3

Justin 2

Northern Wisconsin 

Joe Salter

The last few weeks have been very wet and very challenging.  Silage and soybeans are ready got harvest, but the amount of rain has made it difficult to get in and out of the fields. The next couple of days should allow many farmers to get a good start on soybeans while others will finish up corn silage. Pictured here is a local farmer opening up his first soybean field.  Also pictured is the rolling hills of West Central Wisconsin farm country with the last silage pile finally finished.

Joe 1

Joe 2

20191008 124059North Iowa

Cory Greiman

This field of Latham’s 2193 E3 Enlist soybeans was planted May 5 near Garner, Iowa. This week they were harvested, yielding in the mid-60 bushels per acre.


Northeast Iowa

Craig Haaland

Craig 2Nearly five inches of rain fell last week, including 1.5 inches on Saturday. I honestly didn’t think we’d see farmers in the field this quickly. Hardly any tracks were left in the fields by these combines yesterday. This field of Latham® L 2186 Liberty soybeans was harvested in Mitchell County, Iowa. Harvest moisture started at 13.5% and ended 12.7%. Yields were in the 50s. I also heard of some Latham 2084’s and 2228’s that were taken out around 12.5 to 13% moisture with Craig 1yields running in the mid-50’s. Check your fields because you might be surprised that you can go! We know everyone is anxious to bring in the crop, but remember accidents happen when we try to hurry too much. Stay safe!



JeremyNorthwest Iowa

Jeremy Joynt 

We took out our first Latham® soybean plot on Oct. 8 in Northwest Iowa. Combines are going on both corn and soybeans. Stay safe this harvest season!


Bart 1West North Central Iowa 

Bart Peterson

This Latham® customer was just starting to combine L 2393 LLGT27 on Monday afternoon when I pulled onto his farm near Steamboat Rock, Iowa.

Jerry 1Eastern Iowa

Jerry Broders

Combines are starting to roll again in Eastern Iowa. Farmers here are harvesting both corn and soybeans.


Western Iowa

Larry Krapfl

Latham brand 6285 VT2 PRO RIB is standing perfectly, and the ears of corn it put on are amazing!

Good Golly Miss Molly! Latham’s 6317 VT2 PRO/DG is terrific corn. The ears are huge. I counted 20 kernels around ear with grass green stalks. This hybrid has great standability.

Aaron 1

Central Iowa

Aaron Steenhoek

Corn and soybean harvest has been going strong during the past 24 hours across South Central Iowa. Although the date on the calendar says we’re behind, the ground has finally dried enough for combines to roll! Good luck and safe harvest everyone!