Now There’s a FieldView™ Cab App for iPhones!

4.23 Tech Tuesday postViewing equipment in real time offers benefits like knowing how close an operator is to finishing a field, and this feature just got easier thanks to technology. Climate FieldView has released a cab app for iPhones that will help farmers coordinate filling planters in the spring and semis during harvest.

The opening map screen on the phone app is an interactive weather radar. From the menu, “remote view in” to another account. You will quickly see which field operations are underway in real time.

This new app also allows you to pull up reports that you can print or send. For example, you could send a planting summary to a landlord as soon as you finish planting the field. Simply pull up the “Field Planting Summary” PDF file and email this file from the tractor cab. You also may view reports “by hybrid” to see how many acres of each hybrid you have in the ground and at what population. If you’re running more than one planter, you can view reports “by planter.”Precision ag on phone 1

Another feature of the iPhone Cab App (and on the iPad version) is the ability to “log out” of the app and into another account, so you can toggle between accounts to log data. This feature may be especially useful for growers who have more than one Climate account or who custom farm ground for farmers who also use Climate FieldView. NOTE: Those who custom farm multiple farms with separate Climate accounts may find it remains faster and easier to log the data under your own account then send “field files” to that particular Climate account.

One more announcement Climate recently made is a partnership with NAU Crop Insurance Company, which covers acres across Latham Country. Climate also partners with Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company, which allows simplified reporting for crop insurance. This eliminates manual reporting errors and can speed up the reporting process.

Hopefully, these new features will help make the 2019 planting season more productive so you’re less fatigued.

Have a safe spring!