Managing Weeds with Various Herbicide Technologies

By Darin Chapman, Precision Agronomy Advisor

WeedsOne of the main topics of conversation this season is weed management and herbicides with various technology options. As an independent company, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds has broad options of trait packages, so it’s good to strategically select which trait option will work best for your operation. 

Start by looking at the type of weed pressure you have and also consider any insect pressure that needs to be factored into the decision. Then weigh the Independent Options® and their herbicide technologies.

Latham’s Data Forward platform provides an easy way to keep these options organized within your operation and prevent mistakes from happening during the busy seasons. Below are “organizational options” within Data Forward:

Crop protection and fertilizer placement

Staying organized will help ensure there are no mistakes in the busy season. Simply enter your herbicide and fertility programs into your Data Forward app, using your iPhone or iPad. Data Forward helps you track your crop protection and fertilizer program, so your operations run efficiently all growing season long. You can run reports to show a photo of the field and boundaries, total acres, application timing, application method, product type, product name, rates, and total amount of product needed for that field. Your crop protection decisions also will play a large role in your seed decisions.

Planting recommendation

Another great tool within Data Forward is the Planting Recommendation tab, which keeps your seeding plan organized for the busy season. Planting recommendation is a great way to assure that your varieties/hybrids get placed on the correct acre at the proper population rates. We understand that sometimes things change in season and the plan doesn’t always come together.  If this happens, it is easy to edit to make these changes in the Data Forward app. You can apply notes to why you may have made these changes for record keeping, which is crucial to your return on investment (ROI).

Now, more than ever, it is important to avoid any mistakes within our farming operations. Data Forward allows you to keep the 2020 crop plan at your fingertips! Literally, you can work your plan by using the Data Forward app on an iPhone or iPad or using our detailed Data Forward Report book that may be kept in your cab. Reach out to your Precision Agronomy Advisors to learn more!