Herbicide Applications Update for Xtend® Soybeans in 2020

SprayerBefore you spray Xtend soybeans this spring with a dicamba-based herbicide, remember that federal law requires that all applications be made by a properly trained certified applicator. Both custom or private applicators must attend annual training, so they’re up-to-date on all new rules and regulations. 

Most of the live training sessions have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, there’s still  time to complete online training. Listed below are websites, by state, where you can get information about online training courses. I’ve also added some comments from state Departments of Ag about possible 2020 changes to the herbicide labels.

Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin: No known changes to the state label in any of these states. The individual state DOA’s direct applicators to the various company websites listed below for their annual training.

Minnesota online: Applications needing dicamba training should visit https://mcpr-cca.org/dicamba-information-trainings/. Some farmers were hoping the MDA would loosen its restriction on how late dicamba applications may be made. The MDA is holding fast to June 20 or the R1 stage of the crop, whichever comes first. No changes have been made from 2019 requirements.

Nebraska: The Nebraska DOA is directing applicators to this UNL Extension website for dicamba training https://pested.unl.edu/dicamba. No listed changes to the 2019 guidelines for application.

Illinois: The IDOA has further restricted applications of dicamba herbicide over the top of Xtend soybeans to no later than June 20 or the R1 stage of the crop, whichever comes first. NOTE: This is a change from 2019 when the last date of application was June 30. For training, the IDOA directs applicators to this website, sponsored by the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association: https://ifca.com/IllinoisDicambaTraining.

There are four dicamba herbicide formulations approved for use over the top of Xtend soybeans. They are XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology from Bayer CropScience, Engenia® from BASF, FeXapan® with VaporGrip® from Corteva and Tavium® with VaporGrip® from Syngenta. 

All four companies provide online dicamba application training for applicators. NOTE: You’re only required to attend one online session, regardless of which herbicide you eventually apply. Here’s the list of the various company sponsored training websites:

• BASF:  https://bit.ly/2xTlJV9

• Bayer CropScience:  https://bit.ly/2RjHt3e

• Corteva:  https://bit.ly/2UTSpH7

• Syngenta:  https://bit.ly/2V7OuFv

May God keep you and your family safe as we work together to provide the world with much-needed food and supplies during this difficult time. You are a blessing to all!