How to Troubleshoot Issues with Precision Ag Equipment

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Technology is so exciting when your prescription file (Rx) uploads to the monitor, when your planter runs smoothly, and when planting rates change by zone.

The primary reason we implement new technology is for convenience. However, there are few things more frustrating than not being able to reach tech support when you have an issue with your precision ag software or hardware. That’s why in this article we’re providing you with a list of resources to help resolve issues that might arise.

Your equipment dealer should be your first call if he or she sold you precision ag monitors or hardware for your equipment. They can typically walk through some diagnostics over the phone. Climate FieldView™ (CFV) also has an excellent staff on call at 1-888-924-7475. These staff members are trained to diagnose issues with CFV and the Cab Drive, as well as how to navigate through different monitors.

Smartphones are another useful resource. Climate has excellent resources online, including a YouTube channel with “how to” videos that demonstrate how to import and export data. These videos also demonstrate other important tasks for planting season. In addition, Climate’s “Knowledge Center” is the best place to find helpful videos, information, and PDF reports that you can print and keep in the tractor cab for future reference.

Another unique feature of the CFV platform is the “remote view,” which allows you to give permission for someone to see your iPad screen and troubleshoot in real time. This could help you diagnose a planter problem, such as issues with singulation or seed spacing. Remote View also may be used to load Rx planting file. Another benefit of this feature is that someone can see the field where you’re working and how much ground you have left, so he or she knows when to bring seed to the next field.

Unless your precision ag equipment is working properly, the value is lost. Sometimes farmers decide to keep planting without taking the time to record the data or without making the time to ensure the data is being properly recorded. Remember, the data you’re collecting can only bring so much value to your operation. Garbage in equals garbage out!

Think of precision ag equipment like the other equipment you fix on your farm. The technology in your cab is really another tool that can provide you with valuable insight. If you are interested in understanding how your data can impact your bottom line, call your Latham RSM to schedule a Cab Drive demo this spring in your planter.