Latham Plans EPA-Stewarded Soybean Research Trials

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During the past several years, Latham’s Research Team has conducted EPA-regulated and EPA-stewarded trials in Alexander.

A regulated trial includes that contain traits that have not been fully approved in the United States. In stewarded trials, all traits have U.S. approval but may not have full global approval. In both cases, great care is taken to ensure the harvested soybeans do not enter the grain channel.

This year we’re planning to conduct a stewarded trial with Liberty® GT 27 soybeans. Formerly called “Balance GTLL,” this technology provides soybeans tolerant to three herbicide classes: (1) glyphosate (e.g. Roundup®); (2) gluphosinate (e.g. Liberty®); and (3) isoxaflutole.

No herbicides containing isoxaflutole have been approved by the EPA for use in soybeans during the 2018 growing season. However, the ability to spray both glyphosate and gluphosinate post-emergence has some farmers very excited.

I’m especially looking forward to testing our current Liberty lineup against these new cultivars. Liberty GT 27 soybeans looked excellent in the 2017 breeder trials we observed. At press time, the Philippines is the only country that has not yet approved this technology.

Enlist E3™ soybeans also have tolerance tothree herbicides: glyphosate, gluphosinate and the new 2,4-D choline. The European Union (E.U.) approved this technology last December but we’re still waiting approval from China and the Philippines. Depending on available space and restrictions, we may also have a stewarded E3 plot this year. We’re eager to see how it performs, as farmers in the South have been planting Enlist cotton since 2016 and are reporting tremendous success with both the herbicide and the yields.

These EPA-regulated or EPA stewarded plots are only planned for Latham headquarters. Other corn, cover crops and alfalfa plots that are unique to Alexander are also planned for 2018, and you’re welcome to stop by any time during the growing season. Make “visit Alexander in North Central Iowa” part of your 2018 Summer Bucket List! If need be, we can give you ideas to see a few sights along the way.