From the Field Crop Reports: Sept. 27

Northeast Iowa & Southeast Minnesota

Craig Haaland

This field of Latham® L 2228 R2 in Chickasaw County is about ready to be combined.

A few started rolling last weekend. In Grundy County, a field of our popular L 2084 R2’s went 73 bushels per acre. Also, our L 2186 Liberty beans in Black Hawk County went 64.5 b/A across two fields.

Switching to corn, our first field of LH 5215 VT2 PRO harvest in Black Hawk County went 230 b/A with 23% moisture.

Rain and Monday and Tuesday this week will halt harvest for a day or two.


Eastern Iowa

Jerry Broders

Soybean fields are starting to empty in Eastern Iowa. Early maturity soybeans are being harvested. Yields are good and moisture levels of the soybeans are dropping. Rain Monday night and Tuesday morning delayed combining, but we should be back in the field Wednesday afternoon.


North Central Iowa & South Central Minnesota

Cory Greiman

Arial view of the colors of fall with the soybeans turning and corn drying down and hitting full maturity.


West North Central Iowa

Bart Peterson

Farmers in West Central Iowa started combining soybeans last Friday, Sept. 22. Latham dealer Troy Johnson and his crew are harvesting a field of L2258 Liberty soybeans.

Central Iowa

Bryan Rohe

Central Iowa is the midst of soybean harvest. Yields between 56 and 72 bushels per acres are being reported across different areas.


Northwest Iowa

Darin Chapman

Look at the cluster of pods on these Latham 2186 Liberty Link soybeans! This field was affected by Dicamba tank contamination early on, but it doesn’t look like it will stop these soybeans from yielding!


Western Iowa & Eastern Nebraska

Larry Krapfl

In fields this week I have seen ear rot in many fields in my area! This picture shows Diplodia which is a corn fungus.


Southern Wisconsin

Greg Mair

A heat wave during the past 10 days really helped move crops along. Soybeans harvest is just getting underway with moisture reports of 9 to 10 percent, which is drier than desired. Given all the moisture we’ve had this season, I didn’t think I would say this, but growers would welcome a nice shower or two.

This field of LH 5509 SS was in much need of some heat units to push it closer to maturity.  This ear, pulled Monday, is roughly 50% milk.  Luckily, there doesn’t appear to be a chance of frost until after October 14 in southern Wisconsin.


Southeast North Dakota

Gary Geske

In spite of extremely dry weather during the summer, this field of Latham L 1086 LL soybeans still yielded more than 45 bushels/acre near Enderlin, ND.


Northeast South Dakota

James Keltgen

A few farmers started combining soybeans last week before the rain fell. Early reports had yields running in the teens and 20s in areas affected by drought. Variability is being noticed as yields have been anywhere from 18 bushels/acre to the 50+ bu/A. Widespread rain fell of 3 to 7 inches fell last weekend in eastern South Dakota. Watertown received 5 inches during the weekend and 10″ total for the past week. Harvest will be delayed until fields dry in many areas.

Southeast South Dakota

Ramie Coughlin

Latham hybrids have great yield potential and will grow corn. This field of 4242 VT2 PRO was planted at a population of 34,000. This particular plant is on the sprayer track and has put on two great ears.

We are knocking at the door of soybean harvest. After 3- and 4-inch rains across eastern South Dakota last weekend, we are simply waiting for the ground to dry. Next week I expect to see combines out in full force.


Northern Minnesota

Ken Highness

Last Tuesday night Latham® Seed Dealer, M&R Seed Farm, took another hit from Mother Nature! The National Weather Service positively Identified the damage from an F1 tornado one mile north of Beltrami, Minnesota. The Skaug family feels very fortunate that it missed their farmstead by a half mile.


Southern Minnesota

Brandon Wendlandt

We’re waiting for soybeans to finish dropping leaves and for fields to dry. This field of Latham L 1858 R2 could be ready early next week after a few good drawing days. Farmers are eager to get rolling in southern Minnesota!