From the Field Crop Report: Sept 13

Northeast Iowa & Southeast Minnesota

Craig Haaland

Crops are really changing, and harvest will soon be in full swing. These photos were taken in a very nice looking field of LH 5095 VT2 PRO in Floyd County, Iowa. Ears are filled out and ear placement is consistent. North Iowa has had a long streak of no rain and temperatures are going to be warm for the next 7 to 10 days.

Eastern Iowa

Jerry Broders

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall! Soybeans are turning and harvest will be here before we know it.



North Central Iowa & South Central Minnesota

Cory Greiman

Signs of fall are evident in this field of Latham brand L 1787 LL, which is turning in the Garner area.


Central Iowa

Bryan Rohe

Latham’s L 2084 RR2 turned last week near Bondurant, Iowa. Harvest will likely be underway here next week.


West North Central Iowa

Bart Peterson

Harvest is underway near Webster City, Iowa. On Sept. 8, 2.3 acres of L 1328 L was combined, yielding 64.8 bushels/acre and running 14.4% moisture. On Sept. 11, L 1328 L went 71.8 bu/A on better ground.


Northwest Iowa

Darin Chapman

We have been out walking fields looking for potential disease. These soybeans look pretty good, but in spots, it looks like cercospora leaf spot is a possibility. As the plants mature, infected leaves will turn from orange to bronze. Tillage and crop rotation effectively reduce the survival of fungi from season to season.

Western Iowa & Eastern Nebraska

Larry Krapfl



Southern Wisconsin

Greg Mair

The weather is heating up this week in Wisconsin and choppers are hitting the fields. Moistures have been between 63-73% whole-plant moisture, which is critical to achieving the most consistent fermentation and forage quality.

Latham LH 5495 3122 EZR is a key corn silage variety for Wisconsin.  It is always a good day when you get to tell a grower that his corn silage yield is estimated at over 34.5 ton/acre.

Greg 1

Eastern North Dakota

Brian McNamee

It’s Big Iron time again in West Fargo. Stop by and see us in Booth 22 at the west end of Exhibit Hall.

Silage chopping and early soybean harvest will be starting to roll this week. I look forward to seeing all my customers in the field for what looks to be a better than expected yields.


Southeast North Dakota

Gary Geske

Latham 5042 RR/LFY silage corn looks awesome! The chopper will make its way soon to this field east of Sheldon, ND.

Gary 1


Northeast South Dakota

James Keltgen

A fair amount of Goss’s Wilt showing up in corn. LH 3877 VT2 PRO is handling it well. Warmer temps are helping corn to reach black layer.

Soybeans are very close to maturity. Yellow leaves are present everywhere and growers expect to be harvesting in about 2 weeks!

Southeast South Dakota

Ramie Coughlin

Latham(R) dealer Estelline Co-op hosted its annual fall field day on Monday. Growers got a chance to look at multiple brands and technologies side by side. Also in South Dakota, silage chopping season is underway. Timing is everything to harvest quality silage. I expect it to be in full swing next week.


Northern Minnesota

Ken Highness

Come see us Sept. 13-14 in Fargo at Big Iron, the largest farm show for agribusiness in the Upper Midwest. We are located in the Exhibit Hall building Booth 22.


Southern Minnesota

Brandon Wendlandt

We had a beautiful weather Monday night for a plot tour and customer appreciation event in Sanborn, Minnesota. Now is a great time walk corn and soybean plots before because soon everyone will be in the throes of harvest.