From the Field Crop Report for May 10

Northern Minnesota

Ken Highness


When conditions aren’t fit, the equipment sits!

Unfortunately, wet weather continues to plague my northern territory. Farmers here are eager to get seed in the ground but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. This area experienced such a wet fall that some corn still needs to be harvested before planting can begin. About 0.5 inches of rain fell near Beltrami, Minnesota on Monday night. The good news is the extended weather forecast looks very favorable for timely spring planting!

Southeast North Dakota

Gary Geske

Gary G

LH 4242 has a nice sprout even in cooler fields with high residue east Enderlin, North Dakota. We are seeing good early vigor scores with Latham® seeds!

Southeast South Dakota  

Ramie Coughlin

After a week of cold and wet weather, Mother Nature has done a 180! Farmers in Southeast South Dakota are now enjoying dry, warm conditions. Latham Dealers are busy loading both corn and beans this week. Lots of acres have been planted during the last seven days.  I have also seen lots of applications being done by both ground and aerial sprayers.

Southern Wisconsin

Greg Mair

Wisconsin’s corn acres are 15% planted while the soybeans are slow to go in the ground.  Latham Corn SuperStrip plots were planted in Platteville and Ripon on Sunday and Monday, respectively.  Some planters are currently postponed due to overnight rains in southern Wisconsin.


Northwest Iowa

Darin Chapman


Soybean planting is starting to take off in Northwest Iowa. Perry Seeds is providing great customer service by delivering soybeans to a grower in Anthon, Iowa.


South Central Minnesota & North Central Iowa

Cory Greiman

cory 1

We’ve enjoyed about five straight days of clear skies and dry soils in North Central Iowa, but scattered showers starting falling Monday night across the area. Farmers raced against the clock to get as much seed in the ground before it got too wet. In the rain at 9:45 p.m. last night, I finished putting in my fourth Latham plot of the day.


Southeast Minnesota & Northeast Iowa

Craig Haaland

Craig Haaland

Significant planting progress has been made this past week across northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. Latham Dealer Andy Hemann Stacyville, Iowa, planted 13 Latham numbers May 5 in a corn SuperStrip plot.


West North Central Iowa

Bart Peterson

All the sunshine and warm temps we’ve experienced recently have warmed the 4-inch soil temperatures from 60-66 degrees in western Iowa and from 62-71 in North Central Iowa. Lots of seed has gone in the ground this past week! The first Latham® soybean plot in my territory was planted May 6 by Jon and Jenna Ricklefs.

Pictured second is corn that was planted before the cold front moved in is started to emerge. This field of Latham 5939 SmartStax was planted April 11 south of Hardy, Iowa.

On the right is an awesome looking field of Latham 9700 that was planted last year. This particular variety is known for strong new stands and has a very strong disease resistance package.


Eastern Iowa

Jerry Broders

Jerry 1

Consistency is key for picket fence stands. Seed depth is just as important. Ideal planting depth for corn is 2 inches and for soybeans it is 1½ inches. Planting too deep can cause delayed emergence, uneven stands and possibly even stands that are crusted over if you would receive a hard, pounding rain right after planting. Planting too shallow will often result in poor root development and may affect the crop all the way to harvest. 

At family-owned Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we enjoy doing business with farm families. Here Latham® dealer Rodney Bacon and his grandson are talking about how it’s time to get planting.


Central Iowa

Bryan Rohe

Screenshot (141)

Farmers have been burning the candle at both ends in an attempt to cover as much ground as possible while the weather cooperates. Our Latham Dealer near State Center has very few units left to deliver as planting in this area is about 90 percent complete.

Northwest Iowa

Larry Krapfl

Larry 1

LH 5885 VT2 PRO is practically jumping out of the ground six days after planting.

Southern Minnesota

Brandon Wendlandt

brandon 1

Root development looks great on the LH 5095 VT2 that was planted on April 24.  Although it hasn’t yet emerged, it survived the cold weather. This corn will be popping up in rows after a few more days of sunshine.