This past week I had a rare moment to sit and reflect while picking up a load from a lumber yard in the small village of Kansas, Illinois. An order ahead of mine was getting loaded onto a delivery truck, so I was enjoying this “down time” and appreciating the beautiful fall weather in this very peaceful in southern Illinois town.

Breaks are rare during this time of year. Harvest is going full speed ahead across the Corn Belt, and yields look to be very good everywhere I travel. My soybeans are “in the bin,” and I was pleased with the yield from my Latham® Hi-Tech Soybeans. The price… not so great but by pre-selling some of the crop should help me make a little profit.

Thinking about low commodity prices can be depressing. Thinking about this political season was even more depressing until I read an article by Max Lucado entitled, “My Prediction for the Presidential Election.” His article really put this election into perspective for me. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to read it and see if you agree.

While many Americans are ready to bury their heads in the sand during this election, I encourage each person of voting age to study each candidate’s position on the issues that matter most to you. After all, American’s government “for the people by the people” becomes even more flawed when we don’t participate!

This election is not just about electing the president. We’ll be electing officials all up and down the ticket, so make sure you’re choosing the ones that most closely agree with your views. Ignore the personal mudslinging and focus on the issues that are important.

Regardless of who gets elected, we must continue on with our mission in life. My blogger friend Beth Ann Brown made this eloquent remark in a recent post about this year’s election, “…I choose to rise above and keep my head up.  I choose to look for the positive and support those who live their lives in a like manner.”

Beth Ann took the time to study the issues and she voted. She’s not burying her head in the sand!

Be like Beth Ann… study and vote! And when you get a moment, reflect on your life. I know I felt better after stepping away from the fray and business to reflect just how good life is.